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iApotek Int AB

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iApotek Int AB sells OTC drugs, nicotine replacement therapies, related peripheral products, and cosmetics. These products are offered at market prices. iApotek Int AB has permission from the Medical Products Agency to conduct the sale of OTC drugs on the internet. Sales are made through the company's e-commerce platform, which allows the products to be ordered securely and delivered conveniently to the customer’s door. iApotek Int AB has another brand, Shave It, which focuses on grooming products for men. These grooming products are sold through an online subscriptions service. The subscription service offers a wide range of high quality blades at favorable rates through a simple and secure payment system. Shave It’s products are also available for sale through


  • E-Commerce/ Commerce

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Birger Jarlsgatan 21
111 45 Stockolm


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Retail/ Commerce

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Start-up Stage (Company Founding, PoC, Prototype Development and Market Entry)

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Later Stage VC-Financing (Phase C and D)

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B2C (Business to Consumer)

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