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VZP0713 | Baden-Württemberg

We fight shoulder and neck pain for desk workers. Our wearable health coach is an AI-based sensor feedback system. We recognize those subconscious postures that are the causes of the pain and make them aware to the user. This way, we achieve a long-term learning effect for the user’s body. All in all, we offer a sustainable relief of the neck and shoulder muscles with minimal effort for the user.

Business Model


Customer Focus


Letters of intent for pilot projects and purchase:
REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH (Dana Inc.)
Schaefer GmbH
Technische Hochschule Ulm (Technical University Ulm)
Wirtschaftsministerium BW (State Ministry of Economics)

Recipient of the EXIST Gründerstipendium
Neckar Hub Award 2018
3 times recipient of the EXI-Voucher
Startup of the Month February 2019, Textil und Mode

Received financing:
135K from the German government

Registered Office

Albert-Einstein-Allee 55
89081 Ulm


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Management board

Dipl. (Bio-) Inf. Stephan Dabels

Stephan is our main advisor. He is a serial entrepreneur, Investor and Coach at Google, UN and Plug&Play (Silicon Valley). As such he accelerates the project and brings in his extended network.

B. Eng. Constantin Diesch

Constantin is a physiotherapist who knows the problem and a medtech engineer with extended experience in the development of circuit boards / embedded systems and sensor technology. Thus, he devlops our sensor system and assures it actually solves the problem.

Lukas Kühnbach

Lukas is the programmer for the firmware, the app and the AI algorithm. He worked as a freelancer in web development and developed hybrid SAP apps and a "find a parking spot" app. As such he is in charge of the firmware, app, website and the AI algorithm.

B. Sc. Kevin Liebholz

Kevin is the business administration guy and already founded 2 companies. He gained management experience as a COO at TueNews International and worked as a team leader as a junior consultant. So, he drives business development, finds the financing and brings the product to the customer.

B. Sc. Sandy Müller

Sandy does the marketing as she is an experienced data analyst and marketeer. She built processes and marketing departments in already 4 startups and created the business plans for them as well. Thus, she creates awareness for us and our product on the market.