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Computomics GmbH

VZP0330 | Baden-W├╝rttemberg

Computomics was founded to bring machine learning predictions to industry applications, facilitating global agricultural development. Crops: We parse large genomic data sets for plant breeders, deliver breeding recommendations, and provide molecular biology insight to reduce crop area requirements. Animal Health: We assemble and annotate genomic data from your species of interest, compare time-series data and visualize genomic variation in insightful ways. Metagenomics and Microbial Genomics: We analyze complex microbial communities and discover new organisms and metabolic pathways in a variety of samples.


  • Life Science

Registered office

Christophstr. 32
72072 T├╝bingen

Management board

Dr. Sebastian Schultheiss

Managing Director


Christian Dreischer

Scientific Project Manager

Ina Gerber

Office Management, Financials

Russell Golson

Sales Director