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Rius Medical

VZP0218 | Baden-Württemberg

Rius Medical - a pre-clinical biotechnology startup company, has a manufacturing process at the lowest production cost for therapeutic products through engineered human haematopoietic stem cells as the Mammalian expression platform. Regenerative medicine is at the core of Rius Medical. The company focuses on Manufacturing and Scalability with discovery as an option. The Mammalian expression platform offers multiple indications and broad applicability. The reprogramming/platform technology manufactures recombinant Plasma Protein therapeutics and mature cells from engineered haematopoietic stem cells. For cell-based therapeutics, the Mammalian expression platform manufactures either native red blood cells, "high value" red cells or NK cells exclusively; and at industrial scale yet with the lowest production cost.


  • Life Science

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Schafbergstraße 13
71083 Herrenberg


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