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Unique cell-based treatment for Cerebral palsy with Orphan Drug Designation by EC/EMA

BrainRepair UG is a clinical stage start-up developing cutting-edge stem cell treatments based on own human cord blood for a wide range of indications related to brain injury in children, which may lead to Cerebral palsy (CP), a devastating and debilitating ailment with lifelong sequelae.
BrainRepair UG is the first Biotech company worldwide whose stem cell products have been awarded Orphan Medicinal Product Designations for the treatment of brain injury in newborn infants by the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency, EC_EMA(EU/3/16/1744 and EU/3/16/1743).
We are using stem cells from own cord blood to treat brain damage in ~30,000 children in need per year (EU). The enormous potential of the treatment has been shown in ~400 children worldwide with only minor adverse effects (1.5%). Our treatment of brain damage in newborn infants is ready for clinical use and will enjoy EU monopoly for 12 years resulting in a multibillion market potential in the EU only. So far we invested 4.5m €. Due to our unique USP, we may go for IPO.






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geplanter Mittelverwendungszweck

Funding of last step before market entry after having been granted two 'Orphan Drug Designations' from EC/EMA to complete our clinical trial.

Prof. Dr. Arne Jensen | CEO Founder



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