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[eSports] Build up eSports trainingscenter and education programs for germany and europe

eversity is a state-sponsored eSport company that offers clubs, companies and private individuals the opportunity to train themselves in eSports through a distance e-learning system.

Employees and members of our customers receive new impulses and valuable additional qualifications which increase their own chances on the job market and strengthen the sustainability of the association / company.

With the help of your investment, the company grows and is expanded by the eversity.camps. In the future, similar to traditional sports facilities in football or basketball, the company will offer standardized, local training facilities for clubs and teams in eSports.

eversity customers expect a holistic offering that contributes to professionalization, quality enhancement and increased reputational value. In addition to the rentable training rooms, we also offer overnight accommodation, personal fitness & health consultants and optional education like workshops.

The economic opportunities that additionally result from the sporting successes also give our customers new opportunities for the future and thus additionally strengthen their market position.

An investment in eversity gives you the opportunity to help shape the German and European eSport market. You can expect a high-quality network of experts and eSport companies, a team with years of eSport and gaming experience, as well as a long-term and sustainable partnership.

eversity, needs more investment over the next few years to grow healthy, but it scales high depending on the number of training facilities. Opening up the European market, in the form of a Francise system, is another option within our concept.

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Build up to three eSports trainingscenter including marketing, resources, salaries and additional cost (leasing, equipment, upkeep)

Stefan Opitz
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Daniel Fritz
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