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We got the 500 and keep growing

What a past month! Quite a lot has happened since we announced that VentureZphere becomes Startbase end of January. You might have recognized it – we are becoming bigger and bigger.

In this news we want to give you some numbers about what has happened in the last weeks:

Since 30th of January we have grown by an incredible 37 percent! That means we currently have almost 500 users! This is a great success and shows that we are on the right track. Of those 132 new users (by the way, welcome on board!), 121 are startups, 8 are corporates and 9 are investors. So in total, we now count 55 investors on the platform, who are looking for promising investment opportunities. And every day new users are joining.

This was not least due to the very positive press response following the announcement. All known and influential media reported about VentureZphere and Startbase. This includes for example Stern, Handelsblatt, Die Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Die Zeit and many many more. We counted over 200 mentions in the press. This shows how important and necessary our topic is for the entire German startup ecosystem.

Furthermore, the website KPIs show that you are pretty active on our platform! Keep it up!

We are currently developing new formats, content and services for you. Yes, that's why it has become a bit calmer. But we promise that will not stay that way:-)


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