About us

Our Vision

VentureZphere is the online platform for innovative start-ups, investors and corporates.

The platform is intended to help ZphereMembers find suitable partners, exchange ideas and form cooperative ventures.

Our goal is to create stable and vital networks to strengthen the Start-Up-Zphere and connect the interests of all users.


Relevant target groups can be found to exchange and cooperate   with each other. This enables the formation of extensive, vital and stable networks. Thereby, VentureZphere strengthens the start-up scene by providing more transparency.

Partner & Funding

VentureZphere was launched by Stuttgart Financial in close cooperation with Boerse Stuttgart, and is co-funded by the Ministry of Economics of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Stuttgart Financial is part of Boerse Stuttgart, which is committed to promote small and medium-sized companies. VentureZphere shall help to achieve this commitment.   

Free of Charge

The use of VentureZphere is free. As a strong, reliable and neutral partner, Stuttgart Financial, in cooperation with Boerse Stuttgart, would like to bring our stock exchange skills into the "pre-IPO" stage:    

Provide a platform to enhance transparency and create networks!


VentureZphere is a small team of employees from Boerse Stuttgart.

We have been working in different areas of the "pre-IPO" stage and have already gained great experience in the field through our previous engagement for start-ups, venture capital, corporate financing in general, pitch events and networks.

Dr. Ulli Spankowski