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Crypto Assets Conference

25. February 2019, 2 Tage | Frankfurt

Blockchain is considered to be the next revolutionary technology around the world. Companies that act as first movers towards blockchain technology and decentralized networks might turn out to be the next Google, Facebook, Amazon or Apple of the crypto economy in future.
The Crypto Assets Conference presents a line-up of the next generation of disrupters and thought-leaders that provide answers to major questions in the blockchain space: 

  • What impact might crypto currencies leave on the international trade?
  • How are innovators adopting crypto commodities when reinventing business models against today’s monopolies?
  • If crypto tokens leverage crowdfunding and venture capital funding to new heights – which industry might benefit next from those trends.

Technology experts, though-leaders, industry innovators, crypto investors and blockchain entrepreneurs come together to discuss the future of blockchain and its implications on the world. 


  • 25. February 2019, 2 Tage