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We are gradually adapting our platform to the standard of DSM

During the last weeks, we have updated many of the data fields in your profile. The background is that we are gradually adapting our platform to the standard of “Deutscher Startup Monitor” (DSM).

DSM is the largest study on startups in Germany, co-initiated by the German Startups Association and carried out in cooperation with many ecosystem actors. It provides an annual up-to-date and comprehensive dataset, from which conclusions can be drawn about the situation and development of the startup ecosystem. The goal of the DSM is to promote national startup research, to provide relevant actors as well as political decision makers with in-depth information and thus ensuring improvements in the German startup ecosystem.

That’s why we’ve updated profile views, data fields and field definitions in the last few weeks and aligned them with the DSM. Industry names, business models, customer focus, etc. have been adjusted and supplemented accordingly. Our goal is to link VentureZphere / Startbase with the DSM in order to gain an up-to-date transparent data base from which important fields of action can be derived with regard to the improvement of the startup environment in Germany.

Help us: Check your profile and the data fields and update your company information!


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