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Thinking about expanding your business?

You want to sell your product internationally and introduce your company to new customers around the world? This can be quite a challenge. But with the Google Market Finder you can now determine suitable markets for your business in just a few minutes, following an easy three-step agenda.

Startups face many obstacles: searching for investors’ help within their next financing round, or upcoming product launches are just a few amongst many challenges. Certainly, one of the greatest fears for founders to overcome is taking their first step towards the internationalization of their business models. For this reason, our partner the German Startups Association exclusively teamed up with Google Germany to launch the Google Market Finder, a new online tool that helps you research your target markets, plan your operations and market your business.

With Google Market Finder you make your startup operate internationally in just three easy and intuitive steps:

Step 1.) Google Market Finder suggests the best markets for your business
Create your own global business plan based on detailed market insights. How do potential customers use the internet? What income is available? Google Market Finder recommends the best market for your business, and provides all necessary information you need to research your next global market.

Step 2.) Choose your global market and prepare accordingly 
Once you have decided on your next global market, you can plan in detail how you want to move forward to actually enter it. You will be guided through each step such as localization, international payments and logistics assisted by various tools, guides and resources. Learning videos are just one example of how you will be taught to optimally adjust your services to the foreign language and culture, which tool can help you best with payment transactions or how to recruit a first team of employees abroad.

Step 3.) Attract customers all around the world who are looking exactly for what you have to offer 
Globally operating companies need a reliable marketing plan to work with. Which language is best suitable for your advertising? Which devices do your customers use and how can you reach out to them and stay connected? Google Market Finder provides you with the required data as well as customer insights to help you make the right marketing decisions.

Understand your consumers, identify markets for your business, learn how to successfully understand the new culture you are entering and merge this knowledge into your marketing strategy. 
The best thing is: the tool is free of charge. It only requires a Google account. 
Start up your global journey now!


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