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Patavinus participates in the contest N2025 and tries to convert Nuremberg into a city without losers

Nuremberg wants to become the cultural capital of Europe in 2025 and has launched a contest N2025. Patavinus participates and wants to transform Nuremberg into a city without loser

The European Union (EU) has granted the designation of European Capital of Culture since 1985. The city of Nuremberg is bidding to become the capital in 2025. In this context, Nuremberg launched the contest N2025 which is currently on and one can vote for the projects here:

A vote for our project would be greatly appreciated!

Patavinus goal is to produce 2025 key tags to give as a present to people who just lost things. We cooperate with the central lost property office in Nuremberg. In that way, we raise awareness that there is a possibility of never losing valuables again, by using Patavinus. Ultimately, this will be the starting shot that Nuremberg becomes a city without losers!


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