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New Investment: Senorics raises 2.3 million euros of venture capital for stamp size organic sensors

With the help of rays of light, Senorics analyses the contents of food or agricultural products, for example

The Dresden-based sensor technology start-up Senorics ( raises 2.3 million euros in its seed funding round. The investors include Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS), the lead investor Ventura Investment GmbH (Ventura) and TUDAG TU Dresden Aktiengesellschaft. The Saxon high-tech company is a specialist in innovative near infrared (NIR)-spectroscopy sensors. The founding team identified the beer industry as the first application: breweries can use the Senorics sensors to determine the alcohol and sugar content of their mash and thus optimise their brewing process.

The start-up Senorics, which was founded in 2017, is a spin-off company from the chair of Prof. Dr Karl Leo, the winner of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis and Director of the “Integrated Centre for Applied Physics and Photonic Materials” at the University of Technology Dresden (TU Dresden). The founders Dr Ronny Timmreck, Robert Langer, Dr Robert Brückner and Dr Matthias Jahnel intend to revolutionise the market for small, powerful infrared technologies with their technology. Senorics would like to use the funding to further develop its patented optical sensor technology so that the numerous areas of application for this technology can be opened up and the high-tech sensors can be mass-produced in the future.

The innovative analysis technology makes it possible to verify and measure contents and impurities in a large number of solids and liquids, e.g. in food, plastics or medicines. Due to the use of customised organic semiconductor materials which are structured in thin layers to form very small infrared detectors, Senorics can produce highly compact wavelengthselective sensor arrays. “With our inexpensive and compact NIR measuring devices, we allow analyses to be performed which are currently only possible in the laboratory with expensive, large and sensitive spectrometers,” says Dr Ronny Timmreck, CEO of Senorics. “In the short term, we would like to bring this efficient analysis technology into industrial applications, for example inline process monitoring or mobile quality controls in the agricultural sector and the food industry. In the medium term, we want to make these analyses possible for end consumers too, such as home brewers or diabetics, through specialised consumer products,” adds Timmreck.

Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen also sees huge potential in Senorics‘ sensor technology. “The market for innovative sensor systems is growing rapidly throughout the world,” says Andreas Müller, Investment Director of Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen. “Due to their innovative structure, the sensors have properties which can be promisingly used anywhere where liquids or foods have to be analysed by NIR-spectroscopy, for example. We are delighted to be providing financial support for another technologically leading spin-off company from TU Dresden, in the form of Senorics,” says Andreas Müller. And Senorics’ lead investor Ventura Investment adds: “With our investment in Senorics, we want to be involved with the opportunity for a further success story for the business and scientific location Dresden,” says Frank Schenk, Managing Director of Ventura Investment GmbH, a graduate of TU Dresden himself.

Senorics is growing on fertile ground. “It is the innovative high-tech eco-system Silicon Saxony and the partner Smart Systems Hub – Enabling IoT that make it possible for Senorics to experience such a positive development in Dresden,” says Frank Bösenberg, Managing Director of Silicon Saxony Management GmbH. “We have known the founders of Senorics right from the beginning. We have helped them to find the right partners for the further development of the technology. In the Smart Systems Hub, we have worked on a sustainable business model with the partners HighTech Startbahn and futuresax, in collaboration with Senorics,” adds Frank Bösenberg.


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