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May we introduce: Our CDO Jan Hendrik

We would like to take the chance to introduce Jan Hendrik to you. He is the CDO within the Startbase project and will contribute significantly to the development of our new platform.

Jan is an old hand in the startup business. He has already founded and managed two bootstrapped startups very successfully. But he also knows how it feels to fail and therefore knows exactly what challenges startups are facing and which framework conditions are necessary to foster growth. That makes him a perfect cast for the job. But one after the other.

Jan studied Business Economics and Business Informatics in Marburg and Hagen. He is an absolute expert in the field of web technologies and programming. Additionally, he has a European Diploma in Direct and Interactive Marketing. In 1999 Jan Hendrik co-founded his first startup “Webguidez GmbH” and the gaming portal which was acquired by Ströer in 2014. Four years later, he founded his second startup evenity which aimed to establish a social network covering events and activities in the neighborhoods of the users. Although obtaining venture capital by KfW, the project was not successful, so the company was shut down in 2009. This was an important experience for Jan and motivated him to do better the next time. In 2013 he founded his third company Ryte (formally: ""), which is a Saas Web-Analytics platform used for quality management and sustainable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of websites. During his 4.5 years as CTO and general manager, the company won a couple of prestigious awards. The Ryte-team was also accepted for the "German Accelerator" program including a 3-month stay in San Francisco in 2014. By now the software is used by over 500.000 users and monitors more than 2 million websites for their proper functionality. Those are just the most important stations of his working experiences.

But Jan is not just a founder himself, as a Co-Chair at the Accelerator of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO) and certified “scale up” Coach he is voluntarily working with startup teams to foster their company culture and to improve processes. He is also coaching and leveraging the business operations of fast growing startups and acts as a business angel.

What is his motivation to work on the Startbase project? “I've longed for such a platform myself and the setup is very promising. It is super exciting to reinterpret the classic stock market theme: connecting people with ideas to people with capital, especially with regard to the networking of new and old medium-sized companies. In my opinion, with Startbase we have a good chance to raise the long-term value of Germany as a founding place, so that the next generation of founders will find a better startup ecosystem.”


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