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Green Startup Monitor 2018 is published

Green Startup Monitor: The importance of green startups in the German startup scene and as driver of innovations towards a green economy.

Did you know that 26% of German startups can be considered green because their products, technologies and/or services contribute to the environmental goals of a green Economy? Or did you know that green startups assess their innovativeness as higher than non-green startups? No? Then we have an interesting reading for you: The Green Startup Monitor 2018! 

The goals of the report edited by Borderstep Institut für Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit and our colleagues from the German Startups Association are on the one hand to demonstrate the importance of green startups in the German startup scene and as a driver of innovations towards a green economy and to identify specific challenges and needs of green startups. On the other hand the authors want to recommend measures to improve the conditions and ecosystem of green startups in Germany.

Since green startups consider themselves as highly innovative and have (or plan with) a significant employee/ turnover growth, it is very exciting to take a closer look at this sector. The Green Startup Monitor sums up the most important findings on green startups concerning for example characteristic challenges with attracting financing, the percentage of female green founders, recruiting IT professionals or the need for political support.

We also want to use the publication of the Green Startup Monitor as an opportunity to mention and introduce some green startups on our platform.

  1. Perto is an energy efficiency service provider which helps people save energy and money by replacing inefficient electrical equipment. 
  2. Hybrid-Airplane Technologies is a spin-off of Stuttgart Universtity and developed the patented unmanned aerial vehicle system h-aero™ one. 
  3. ewind that generates energy from desalination and large area irrigation and
  4. Thermondo, Germany’s largest installer of heating systems and an example within the study.

You can download the whole report about green startups here.


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