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Cell & Gene Therapy will shape the future of medicine, when novel technologies proceed beyond the primary goals of safety and efficacy. Uneconomical manufacturing represents a major roadblock to the sustainable commercialisation of cellular products. Rius Medical technology engineers stem cells into therapeutic products. Offering a Business-to-Business solution to U.S. based company Rubius Therapeutics and France-based Erytech Pharma for upgraded red blood cells that do more than simply carry oxygen. For example Erytech Pharma’s therapeutic product is Phase III approved for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Phase II approved for Pancreatic Cancer. That’s right, the 700.000 euro Series A investment addressing Business-to-Business solution has emphasis on 12 million euro Return on Investment at 3 years for the early investors.


  • Life Science & Healthcare

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UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)

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Life Science & Healthcare


Products - cells therapy with native red blood cells, "high value" red cells and upgraded NK cells alongside recombinant Plasma Protein therapeutics

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Startup Round (Series A and B)


Trans Chromosomics Inc, Japan is the owner of the technology Rius Medical is further improving for the manufacturing process of red blood cells from stem cells at the lowest production cost.
GenScript, USA provides laboratory facility work with gene synthesis and cells culture. Laboratories in Germany do not provide the sort after expertise. With gene synthesis at GenScript, Rius Medical retains all ownership right of the invention.
Alternative cells culture facility in Germany are trenzyme GmbH., 78467 Konstanz; CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH, 69214 Eppelheim and Evotec AG, 22419 Hamburg.

Reference Customers

Addressing unmet medical needs is best achieved through collaborations. The emphasis on Business-to-Business solution by Rius Medical not only ensures revenue at 3 years following Series A investment, it also implies 12 million euro return on investment at 3 years to the early investors (i.e. 12 fold value creation on 700.000 euro investment). The Business-to-Business solution to Rubius Therapeutics and Erytech Pharma shall bring 40 million euro upfront payment for two therapeutic products/platform technologies. In developing cells therapeutic products, the process is the product.


In oncology, the CAR-T cells race by Juno Therapeutics, Novartis and Kite/Gilead Science has brought much excitement for investors. Well Rius Medical, Rubius Therapeutics and Erytech Pharma are in the same race with upgraded red blood cells. Rather than competing with Rubius Therapeutics and Erytech Pharma, my business plan is to license my technology to them so as to focus on the development of other therapeutics, i.e. engineering NK cells for CAR-derived therapy.


By further developing a patented technology: human artificial chromosome by Prof Mitsuo Oshimura of Tuttori University, Japan, Rius Medical offers a Business-to-Business solution: a “Mammalian expression System” platform for licensing to Rubius Therapeutics and Erytech Pharma. In developing cells therapeutic products, the process is the product. For the investors, the USP is 12 million euro Return on Investment at 3 years on 700.000 euro Series A investment with the Lowest Risk: Investment into therapeutic products has proven Phase III clinical trials data. Rius Medical strategic business partnership with Rubius Therapeutics and Erytech Pharma involves upfront payment, equity investment, milestones payments and royalty payment benchmark to ISA Pharmaceuticals and Regeneron December 2017 announcement of Strategic Immuno-Oncology Collaboration.

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Unmet medical need is a global market. Cancer therapeutic is in the golden age. U.S.-based Rubius Therapeutics and France-based Erytech Pharma imply USA and Europe as the primary geographic market.


For many novel technologies, safety and efficacy are the primary goals, but manufacturing is often the last thought in the inventor’s mind. This represents a major roadblock to the industrialisation of cellular products. That’s simply because they are uneconomical to manufacture. If you cannot manufacture the product, you simply do not have a product. Rius Medical technology solves the manufacturing bottlenecks and thus introduces a new era for the Next Generation of Cell Therapies.