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Nesto Software GmbH

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We enable restaurants and service-oriented companies to improve customer experience and lower costs by creating their schedules according to their actual demand.


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Software solution for intelligent and demandoriented staff planing

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SaaS (applied IT)

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Creating a positive customer experience often relies on the staff. Especially in the food-service industry and in service-oriented industries in general, employees need to be prepared for flexible and uncertain schedules to compensate variations in the utilization. When creating shift schedules, software is already being used today. However, existing software applications do not consider the process of staff planning holistically. In particular, they rely on the intuition of a manager to decide how much staff is necessary at any given time. The result includes unbalanced planning - often to the disadvantage of employees. In addition, overstaffing leads to high costs and insufficient staffing causes revenue losses.
We recognized that well-done workforce planning does start with predicting the future staffing demand. Instead of relying on gut feeling, Nesto calculates the future demand automatically with intelligent & self-learning algorithms based on historical and current operating data as well as external factors such as weather, events or (public) holidays. Consequently, we can calculate how much staff is required by hour on certain positions. Over- and understaffing becomes visible during planning, and can be prevented with the help of concrete recommendations. Thus we enable our customers to optimize their staff utilization as well as to increase their sales and service.

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