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VZP0713 | Baden-Württemberg

We fight shoulder and neck pain for desk workers. Our wearable health coach is an AI-based sensor feedback system. We recognize those subconscious postures that are the causes of the pain and make them aware to the user. This way, we achieve a long-term learning effect for the user’s body. All in all, we offer a sustainable relief of the neck and shoulder muscles with minimal effort for the user.


  • Life Science & Healthcare

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89081 Ulm


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The TenSense recognizes pain causing unconscious muscle traction through high tech sensors & AI. It then gives feedback to train the subconscious and body perception of user.

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Technische Hochschule Ulm
Interactive Wear
Various physiotherapist schools
More than 70 physiotherapists

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At first, we focus on working woman around 40 with a medium to high income. Later all desk workers with neck and/or shoulder pain shall be targeted. For that, we deliver sustainable relief of the neck and shoulder muscles with minimal effort for the user. To reach our customers, mainly Google Adwords, facebook ads and SEO as well as community building (facebook, instagram) will be used. With these, we lead them to our online shop where our product can be bought. The product launch in mid 2020 will be in Germany. From there on we first develop the European market and then go overseas to the United States. It is planned to stay innovative and quickly develop further products in the field of smart clothing for health (e.g. vital parameters measurements via a t-shirt). In all that we further build our competitive advantage which we gain through the amount of data combined with the physiological know-how to train our AI for a near perfect recognition of relevant movements/parameters.