There is a growing number of national and international investors, corporates and innovators searching for German startups. Due to its diversity and size, the German ecosystem is not easily accessible. A detailed profile on VentureZphere helps startups being found and visible. The profile on VentureZphere, displaying critical information, paths the way to new business opportunities.


We help startups stay tuned about the latest developments in the ecosystem. Our newsletter brings curated information about interesting events, success stories and exclusive access to events startups do not want to miss out.


We organize exclusive pitching formats, value-adding workshops and support events offered by partners. Our unique network consisting of industry, finance and venture professionals allows us to design attractive engagements for startups connecting them to partners they need. Our offline services cover a wide range of topics from legal, tax, finance, just to name a few.



Our mission is to facilitate the formation of resilient networks to the benefit of all members. Our services enable and promote the valuable exchange between startups, investors and corporates by creating transparency. The platform shall help innovative startups find relevant partners, share ideas and establish fertile business relationships.


VentureZphere was launched by Stuttgart Financial in close cooperation with Boerse Stuttgart, and greatly promoted by the Ministry of Economics of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Wholly owned by Boerse Stuttgart Group, we are committed to promote small and medium-sized companies. VentureZphere shall help to achieve this commitment. 


We have learned a lot! After being active in the German startup ecosystem for over one year, it is time to take the next step. To leverage our experience and service offerings, we closely cooperate with a new partner, which we will announce in short. Together we will passionately work on services that help German-based startups grow. Stay tuned!