The VentureZphere Team

Since Börse Stuttgart Group and the German Startups Association joined their forces in order to bring in their respective expertises, the VentureZphere team expanded. We are a team of colleagues based in Berlin and Stuttgart. We bring together broad expertise in capital markets with extensive contacts in the nationwide startup scene, politics and abroad.

We are committed to develop and deliver new innovative services that help startups ease funding and find the right partners. Before VentureZphere both partners have already been highly engaged in the startup ecosystem, busy with venture capital, organizing pitching events, contributed to the formation of resilient networks or influencing political framework conditions that favor the growth of startups.

  • Björn Kaminski
    Member of the Steering Commitee / German Startup Association

    Björn joined the German Startups Association in May 2017. As Director Platforms and Networks he is in charge of almost 30 industry networks inside the association. Björn founded and managed an award-winning games company for several years and has been working as a Startup-Coach. With his deep startup experience and hands-on mindset he helps to develop useful features and great opportunities for our users.

  • Dr. Marc Mehlhorn
    Member of the Steering Commitee / Börse Stuttgart

    Marc is an expert in the field of capital markets and exchange trading. He brings along profound expertise in market structures, financial products, trading execution and corporate finance. As a member of the steering commitee he is responsible for the development and expansion of our online platform as well as for the development of new exchange-related funding opportunities.

  • Sascha Schubert
    Member of the Steering Commitee / German Startup Association

    Sascha Schubert is an experienced entrepreneur. He founded and co-founded four companies and three NPO´s, he is a committed networker for the German Startup Ecosystem and seasoned Startup Mentor. Since 2015 he is the Vice Chairman of the German Startups Association.

  • Dr. Michael Völter
    Member of the Steering Commitee / Börse Stuttgart

    Dr. Völter is the CEO of the Börse Stuttgart Group. In his opinion, supporting young companies in raising capital is the core mission of a stock exchange. This includes new opportunities beyond the traditional IPO, such as the issuance of digital tokens within the frame of an STO. Therefore he is responsible for the development of new stock exchange related funding solutions for startups.

  • Maria Müller
    Project Manager / German Startup Association

    Maria is passionate about everything digital. Online Marketing, e-Commerce and project management are the main domains of her professional life. She will spread the word to make sure you will hear about VentureZphere and Startbase and that everything you need within this platform will be to your services as fast as possible.

  • Stefan Nothacker
    Project Manager / Börse Stuttgart

    Stefan is passionate about developing innovative exchange-related funding solutions for startups. He has been involved in the project VentureZphere since its beginnings. Together with Maria he is responsible für the project management. In addition, he researches in the field of capital markets and corporate finance for small and medium-sized enterprises within his PhD.

  • Jan Hendrik Merlin Reichenbacher

    Jan is an old hand in the startup business. He has already founded and managed two bootstrapped startups very successfully. With his work he will make sure that Startbase will raise the long-term value of Germany as a founding place and connects people with ideas to people with capital. Since he has longed for such a platform himself, he knows what the needs and wishes are.

  • Sinah Kesenheimer
    Marketing Manager / Börse Stuttgart

    Sinah is the creative mind of the project. She has an eye for beautiful designs and loves to develop and realize new marketing concepts on how to spread the word about VentureZphere and Startbase. She makes sure that our channels, designs and marketing material have a high recognition value and follow our corporate design.

  • Lydia Takit
    Operations Manager / German Startups Association

    Lydia founded her first startup in 2009 and joined German Startups Association in 2018, responsible for scaling the association from 15 to 50+ colleagues and towards 3 million annual revenue. Integrating Startbase by paralleling processes, structures and strategies is her main cause, next to scaling Startbase’s user count to a four-digit number.

  • Vanusch Walk
    Working Student / German Startup Association

    Vanusch is a working student at the German Startups Association, trusted with member support and administration. He is fascinated by the sheer ingenuity and creativity of the startups that he serves. As an aspiring economist, he is aware of the importance of functioning financial mechanisms.

  • Paul Wolter
    Public Affairs and Communication / German Startup Association

    Paul manages public affairs and communications of the German Startups Association. Even before he came to GSA, he started to built up a wide and reliable network within the German startup ecosystem, which is benefitial for Startbase. He advises startups on business-building, financing, communications, and other fields.